All the items on our website are carefully chosen for their design and quality but we thought you might like to learn a bit about some of the suppliers we use to ensure we provide you with the best products we can.


Frugi design clothes that children really do love to wear, and they celebrate childhood through great design, vibrant colours (and cute Frugi characters!). 
Whether it’s paddling in the sea, splashing through muddy puddles or playing in the park, their clothes are designed to be long lasting and durable – so children can be children!

Frugi use super soft organic cotton, making sure that little ones are comfy, safe and happy. The breathable qualities in organic cotton make it much kinder to baby’s delicate skin and much less likely to trigger those horrible allergies. You can be confident that no nasty chemicals are used in the whole production of Frugi clothing, from cotton seed to finished garment which is a weight off your mind! It also means that their cotton growers aren’t exposed to nasty chemicals and can get a better price for their crop.

The fab thing about Frugi clothes is that they last and last! The soft organic cotton washes so well that they can be handed down from generation to generation and still look great!
 Knee patches, strong seams and clever design makes their clothes perfect for little adventurers! And roll up trousers and adjustable waistbands make them last that extra bit longer.

Lilly + Sid

Launched to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary in the designer kids’ wear market, Lilly + Sid is inspired by street trends and vintage treasures – a collection of new modern classics with a brilliantly British twist.

Their beautiful designs (all designed by their own in-house designers) are made from super soft specially selected cotton.

Lilly + Sid create for parents worldwide who demand quality, design and value and have become one of the best selling children’s wear brands.


It started over twenty years ago with a sense of humour, a talented painter Alice Oldland, her restless husband John, and The Little Blue House gift store in the lakeside village of North Hatley, Canada.

Alice, inspired by the countryside around her, had just finished a series of paintings depicting farmyard animals. Needing a venue to show her work, Alice opened a gallery above her gift shop The Little Blue House. John watched the paintings sell and thought he could create a line of aprons based on Alice’s artwork. John was right, the aprons sold and kept on selling.

They quickly turned this cottage business into the company Hatley, supplying retailers with the best cow and pig aprons the world had ever seen. Cows and pigs gave birth to moose and bears, aprons led to gifts and clothing.

They developed an extensive children’s line, created comfy women’s sleepwear and expanded into the gift market with napkins, kitchen textiles, mugs and much, much more. Hatley designs are now sold around the world, and the company continue to ensure that Hatley stands for the same principles on which it started: family, good design, quality and of course, loads of laughs.

Much of Hatley’s clothing production takes place in Tirupur, India, a city in the south of India with a booming textile industry but much poverty as well. In 2012, Hatley began supporting an orphanage in Erode called Open Door Mercy Home Trust. It houses 22 boys and girls of all ages, and they are all Christian, which is the minority in India. The teacher and owner was an orphan himself, and he and his wife have 2 helpers – the four of them take care of all 22 kids. They are all truly inspiring. The kids go to public school and all study very hard. The children in the Open Door Mercy Home orphanage do not have much, but they are a very happy family. Hatley helps to provide funding for food, clothing, computers, school supplies, and even a new roof. It’s a wonderful place to support. Pandit, one of Hatley’s suppliers, supports the orphanage on a monthly basis along with several other business partners. This allows the patron, teacher and spiritual leader of the orphanage – Mr. Rajesh – to concern himself less about raising money and instead focus on the important job of educating and raising the children.

Kite Clothing

We are Kite, a planet-friendly clothing brand for children from 0-11 years old. Brought to life with passion and care just yards from the sea in Dorset, every garment we design and make is packed with original and thoughtful details, manufactured to the highest quality, and produced with the lowest environmental impact. Our designs draw on the beauty of our Dorset surroundings – including the nearby sandy beaches, the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and the Purbeck Hills – giving our collections a unique look that is inspired by nature.

When it comes to quality, there are no compromises. We have earned the trust of our customers by always using the softest organic fabrics and beautiful workmanship, and we craft each garment to provide exceptional fit, comfort and durability. By keeping retail prices in line with non-organic brands despite using premium organic cotton, we also ensure fantastic value for money.

We have strong environmental and ethical principles and are passionate about protecting the planet. All of our garments are manufactured using certified organic cotton or fleece made with at least 50% recycled plastic bottles, and we are proud to be certified by the Soil Association to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS is recognised as the leading textile standard for products made from organic fibres and companies must meet a set of strict environmental and social criteria to achieve annual certification. All the elements in our supply chain – ranging from the cotton grower to our embroiderers – have been successfully inspected to ensure they meet comprehensive organic and ethical standards.

Love Soap

Love Soap make beautiful hand blended bath products for children using plant derived organic ingredients from nuts, seeds, flowers and fruits.

As parents themselves, they know just how much love and happiness a child brings to a family. They also understand how tiring (nope, make that exhausting!) and overwhelming parenthood can be too. So much advice, so many choices! We all want to do the best for our children. But when you’re making it through the day on just a few hours of broken sleep, finding the energy – never mind the time, to research into what should, or more importantly shouldn’t be in your child’s bath products, is just not practical.

The benefits of buying organic are widely known. Over recent years we’ve all become more aware of the importance of minimising the chemicals and toxins we put into our bodies through the food that we eat. But what about what we put on our bodies and more importantly, the bodies of our children? Research shows that up to 60% of the substances we use on our skin are absorbed. Washing with products using natural and organic plant derived alternatives is just as important as sourcing organically grown fruit and vegetables to eat, for both our children and the environment. All of Love Soap’s products are hypoallergenic, suitable for vegetarians, and they absolutely do not test on animals. Never, ever.

Love Soap Ltd also recognise the importance of affordability. Organic ingredients are typically more expensive because they are kind to the environment and require extra care to grow and maintain. They work hard to minimise costs where possible, to ensure families can include our soap as a regular item on their shopping list, not just a luxury one (although they guarantee it will feel like a treat every time!).

All of Love Soap’s products are carefully hand blended in their Suffolk soap workshop. Made with love.

Celtic Herbal

The two passions of Celtic Herbal, their dedication to the benefits of natural herbs and their love of the rural Welsh landscape that nurtures them, come together in their workshop in Gwynedd.

Close to peaceful Cardigan Bay and overlooked by the majestic Snowdonia mountain range Celtic Herbal are constantly inspired to keep their natural herbal soaps, facials, balms and oils as pure as possible, to make sure that only the best make it into your hands.

Celtic Herbal grew out of a knowledge and love of organic herb-growing, and the creation of handmade soaps and herbal skincare seemed a natural way to continue that interest. Over time they have grown into a well known and respected brand which offers wonderful gifts that are good for you and good for the environment. None of their range of handmade soaps or herbal skincare is tested on animals and everything they make complies with the Cosmetic Regulations, so you can be sure that every bar is not only naturally and ethically produced but also safe to use.

Their baby skincare range recognises that a baby’s skin is soft and delicate and should be treated with the respect it deserves. The best baby bodycare is natural and at Celtic Herbal, they can offer you a range which they know from experience is a favourite with mums and babies.

Lamaze Toys

Toys don’t just offer fun and entertainment for babies. Most toys provide at least some opportunity for children to learn.

Lamaze toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imagination and encourage them to interact with others. Look out for the new high-contrast toys for babies geared towards encouraging the development of baby’s vision.

Nothing is more important to Lamaze than ensuring that children’s products are safe. They take their product safety responsibilities very seriously, and the measure of their success is the trust parents are able to place in Lamaze products, knowing that they’re taking the right steps to protect children.

To help make sure that the new products you buy are as safe as they can make them, Lamaze have established significant additional safeguards. Since July 2007, they have established a Multi-Check Safety System to help assure you that all new Lamaze products are safe.


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